Yarmouth High School Assistive Technology Resources

Please use the resources, links, and tips on this page to find the technology that makes learning easier for you!

Do you need something read to you?

A program in our computer lab that you can scan a handout of a book into and it converts it to a word file so your computer can read it to you.

You can set up your laptop to read to you! You can even choose the voice! Go to preferences and set it up. Watch this handy video that explains how!

Book on CD
The library has every novel we read at YHS on CD. You can load it right into your iTunes! Go to the librarian and ask to borrow from the Special Education collection.

Convert any text on your computer into an iTunes Spoken Track. Watch the How To Video Here

Many short stories and other articles that you have a hard copy of can be found online. If they are online, your computer can read them to you. Its always worth doing a search!

Do you need to dictate something?

Each learning center has the MacDictate program - just complete the voice training and away you go! No more handwriting or typing cramps! Talk to your learning center teacher today!

Other Technology Tips and Tricks!* Do you find the internet visually distracting with all the ads and graphics?

Download the READABILITY APP for Firefox! With one click of a button you can remove all the fancy pictures and annoying ads to help you focus! https://www.readability.com

*Is the type on your screen sometimes too small to see?

Set up your preferences to ZOOM on text. Go to the apple - system preferences-universal access - turn ZOOM on!

*Does having too many windows open at once confuse and distract you?

Use the PAGES program and click FULL SCREEN VIEW to isolate what you are working on and improve your focus! Click the button in the upper LEFT corner. You can do this with any Mac program such as KeyNote, Numbers, ETC.