Here are some fascinating organzations that are doing great Assistive Technology Work and provide great resources for teachers:

1. APPLE - apple has its very own website dedicated to Apple Users with Disabilities!

2. Wells High School Learning Center: Here is a teacher at that does amazing things with Digital Backpacks. Read her blog:

3. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) maintains a web presence with webinars and other resources, many specifically targeted around Assistive Technology:

4. The University of Wisconsin has a website giving directions for how to make a PDF file accessible for ALL:

5. Another website sponsored by the ADA discusses ways employers can make their environments more accessible to employees:

6. A terrific list of iPad apps that specifically target students with disabilities:

7. JAN is the Job Accommodation Network and provides employers with information about disabilities and what can be done in the workplace to accommodate them:

8. A Free Technology ToolKit for all teachers to make content more accessible to all:

9. MLTI program maintains an iTunesU site as well as other resources for MacBook users. They even have 60 second instructional videos on setting up various preferences, such as reading, on your mac:

10. The state of Maine has a program to enrich lives through assistive and universally designed technology: